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Selling A Home?

Let Metropolitan Real Estate Consultants simplify the selling process for you. We strive to provide the most personalized service possible while minimizing the stress and enhancing the success.


Here are some suggested steps when selling a home.

Suggested Steps

Step One


Select a Realtor that fits your personality and possesses the experience of selling homes. Bigger is not always better! Interview Realtors to ascertain if you will be working with that person or their “team member”. Interview several real estate professionals to determine their personal experience with preparing a home for sale, ask about their practical experience with pricing a home, appraisal practices, home inspections, and lending experiences. Ask about commission percentages, inquire about fees, closing costs, define full service, and compare apples to apples. This is a significant step that requires a trusting and comfortable relationship between Seller and Realtor.


Step Two


Determining the sale price of your home is where the actual marketing process begins. Your real estate professional will provide a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) at no charge in order to ascertain the most accurate asking price for your home. Factors such as time of year, interest rates, supply and demand for housing in your immediate area and property condition can impact the salability of a home. Together with your input and the Realtor’s computerized output of recent sales and current listings, a price is determined that will bring excited buyers through your door.


Step Three


Your real estate professional must have the knowledge and experience to provide suggestions as you prepare your home for sale. Initial curb appeal reaction is important, as is the need to be knowledgeable about various code requirements and/or lending practices, which may impact the sale.


Step Four


The marketing efforts put forth by your Realtor should place your home on Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the Internet for the most immediate and worldwide exposure. Again, bigger is not better. Advertising in the local newspapers on a consistent basis is essential exposure. Yard signs and open houses also contribute to the successful sale of your home.



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